Weekend You are limitless

I invite you to my special weekend You are limitless. In the beautiful surroundings of the Swiss Alps or Dutch Dunes you take a dive into yourself. Uncover and expand your abilities by applying a powerful set of techniques, based on the Wim Hof Method. Through focus, breath and response you open a direct door to self-awareness.

Weekend information


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about the weekend

On this Ice.Club-weekend you start or continue your practice of a set of powerful techniques and exercises. The aim is to become fully aware of your breathing pattern and being able to control it. Moreover, you practice a strong focus and become aware of the responses of body and mind. Which can result in a sense of totality, connection and inner freedom.


How about a day like this: waking up at sunrise, starting with breathing exercises, go for a conscious walk in the beautiful environment and take a dip into the ice cold water.


We have a full program, starting with breathing session before breakfast. So make sure you are ready!


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Dates Dutch Dunes

2021. February 5 – 7


Dates Swiss Alps

2020. December 6 – 8 (postponed)

2021. January 8–10 & February 12 – 16 (postponed)

2021. November 5 – 7 (fundamentals)

2021. November 19-21 (advanced)

what's in it for you


  • Increase your energy levels
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Influence the nervous system
  • Detoxify your body
  • Improve your athletic performance
  • Learn to control your breath
  • Learn a strong and centered focus
  • Learn the ability to respond in life



  • Powerful breathing exercises
  • Beautiful hike along frozen river
  • Organic homemade food
  • Vegan, gluten free, lactose free and other diets possible
  • Spectacular natural surroundings
  • Dip in the ice cold river
  • Increase your awareness
  • Scientific backgrounds



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Watch this video about the Wim Hof Methode





Details You are limitless

  • Language: English (Swiss Alps), Dutch (Dutch Dunes)
  • Costs training: €550
  • How to prepare: take our 30 day Cool Challenge with free e-mail support
  • Do a workshop before the weekend starts



  • 2 nights in shared rooms
  • All meals, coffee and herbal tea all day long
  • 2 days of training
  • Experienced teacher: Linda Koeman
  • All workshops and activities
  • Beautiful hike with good security


Accommodation Switzerland

We stay at the beautiful accommodation ‘Center of Unity Schweibenalp’ in the midst of the Bernese Oberland Alps. The organic homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner is available in the modern, light dining room with garden view. Vegan, gluten free, lactose free and other diets possible.


We will stay in shared rooms, 3 or 4 people. All rooms have good shared bathroom facilities. It is possible to have a double or single room (limited). The surcharge for 2 nights  double room is around 25 euro and single room around 70 euro to be paid upon arrival at Schweibenalp. It is possible to arrive the day before or stay longer. Please contact schweibenalp for room availability: reservation.anfrage@schweibenalp.ch


Accommodation Dutch Dunes